25 June 2008

Changes - Thank you!

Last weekend was wonderfully busy. I'd like to thank everyone for their warm generosity and kindness, I only wish the weekend could have lasted longer, or at the very least that I had the energy to have headed back to the house for the mead and ritual Saturday night. I hope that we all shall cross paths again some day.

The video from the show is looking great, and with 5 hours of various interviews from the weekend, my workload is looking pretty intimidating in addition to the 200gigs of footage from Madrid! I'll be busy, that is for certain.

Robert and Nicholas, it was a pleasure to meet and speak with you both.
David, thank you for organizing this whole ordeal and allowing me to be part of it - also I you for the awesome books and music!
Scott, thank you for the interview! It was really a pleausre to speak with you in person.
Michael and Annabel, you were both so friendly and kind - I really look forward to our next meeting.
Jane, it was great to have finally met you - thank you for the encouraging words and the DVD!

It was indeed an unforgettable weekend, thank you to everyone involved!

(to view photos, click the image above)

16 June 2008

Update: Madrid le Blanc

A write up of the festival has been finished. Please head over to my personal blog to view it (meanvegan.blogspot.com). I also may be posting it to Heathen Harvest, if they allow me to do that.

All of the video footage is captured with the exception of one problematic hour captured to a CF card. That will soon be resolved, I hope. Over 150gigs of hard drive is now dedicated to the festival.

09 June 2008

Madrid le Blanc

(click the image to be taken to a gallery of photos from all three nights)

Thank you Jesús for making this whole shindig happen, my hat off to you for working tirelessly to pull of such a wonderful festival.

Andrew King and John Murphy for your conversations and interviewing with me on such short notice.

Many thanks to Simon Collins - I am so happy that we met. Dimo, Thomas, Gerhard, it's a pleasure as always. Marco, it was a joy talking with you, and I am sad that we could not have had more time together - stupid spanish payphones.
To the bands, thank you!
Arnica - You were, without a doubt the biggest and most welcomed surprise of the festival!

Also a big thanks to PortaBrace for making such a great hardcase! Without their case, those baggage handlers would have broken my camera 100 times over.

I will try to write more about the festival when I can - With this, as well as the footage from the Novemthree, A Minority of One, Waldteufel and Fauna show in Seattle, and the additional Bain Wolfkind footage, I have over 40 hours of footage to edit through.