21 April 2008

Coming soon

A fancy new version of  the site will be online (hopefully) by the end of the week!

New shiny plug-ins, for a new shiny site. More video content will be featured, and a slick new photo gallery.

Also, 2 days prior to heading to Madrid for the Madrid le Blanc festival, I'll be making up to Seattle for the Waldteufel, A Minority of One and Fauna show at the Northwest Folklife Festival. It's going to be an amazing evening full of surprises I've been assured. I can't give away too much, but one of the Rumors is that Markus Wolff will be doing readings with Fauna. I love Seattle. 

Because of server-side issues I have been unable to implement the aforementioned updates. That in mind, I still love IdeaNode. 

11 April 2008


With the coming of Madrid le Blanc on the horizon, I've news of a new division of The ƒ Consortium - Pesanta.
I will be releasing all media under the label of Pesanta, including DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records. There are a few tentative releases of really great live recordings, all of which will be limited to under 300. The Bain Wolfkind DVD, as well as the Madrid Le Blanc DVD/CD with both be available in larger circulation, as well as a small and extravagant limited run.
Website should be online, with news of these possible releases by the end of the month.