13 July 2008

Pesanta and video news

So my editing computer has been in out of service for two weeks now which is driving me absolutely mad seeing as I have so much work to get done.

Some news on forthcoming projects for Pesanta -
Pesanta will be releasing a split 10" vinyl for Arnica and Wolfsblood.
On a related note to this, if you click Arnica's link to their myspace page you can hear a track I recorded for them in Madrid.
Also, I've been in talks with the folks from the ritual black metal band Fauna [1|2] on the production of a full length DVD for them. This is a very exciting prospect for me as I believe they are truly a rare gem in the community. If you are familiar with their music or are lucky enough to own a copy of Rain or The Hunt I am sure that you can understand my excitement.

I would also like to thank Jane at Tesco USA again for her nice mention of me on the front page of the site.