24 July 2007

Travel Plans

August 1st I will be in Portland, OR., tentatively interviewing B'eirth of In Gowan Ring and Birch Book. The evening of the 1st I will be shooting video and photographing his show at the Someday Lounge.

August 3rd I will be in the Trinity Alps area interviewing Malakhi Thorn, creator of Heathen Harvest about the inspiration behind the webzine and his involvement and thoughts of the post-industrial culture.

Both of the interviews and the live footage/stills will be posted on my site, as well as featured on Heathen Harvest. The footage is also being compiled for a neofolk documentary I currently have in the works.

10 July 2007

Auburn Essay

One thing that I failed to mention on the site is my in progress travel essay on Auburn, where I currently reside.
That can be found by clicking below.

Fresh and new

Here's to another new version of the site. There might be a few kinks as I've not really had the time to stress test it, so if you run across anything buggy please email me and let me know.
I've also added a lot of images to the site, most of which have remained unpublished on the web until now.
If you're wondering why I decided on the pop-up galleries, or are bothered by my choice - I'll ask you to deal with it as pop-ups are only way I could create a clean, simple design in a time constraint of 12 hours.

Adam T