15 December 2008

KnifeLadder, Arnica/Wolfsblood, and Changes news

I'll start with good news, touch on some not so great news, and then end with some more good news.

A short interview with John Murphy edited with some nice footage of KnifeLadder life at Madrid le Blanc has been posted at Heathen Harvest. I've not been as active on Heathen Harvest as I would like to be, as far as submissions are concerned which is mainly due to my increasing amount of "real world" responsibilities, however they have been very gracious with me in this situation and are still happy to feature my work, as sparse as it may be. Next edition they will post additional footage, most of which has been available on Vimeo for a while now, but it will no doubt reach a larger audience.

And now the not so great news. I had hoped to have both the Arnica/Wolfsblood 10", and the Changes DVD released by Yule. However this is looking more like a dream right now, so I've pushed back the release date to next month. The vinyl press I'm working with has been great, but the holiday seasons have set back production. The Changes DVD is simply a lack of available funding.

With that said, I'll end on something a little lighter.

Spire: The Twilight Language is only a few days away. The forth annual Cascadian winter solstice gathering is something that legends and oral traditions are made of. I am honored to be invited to chronicle the event and suggest that if you can, you attend this meeting of souls.

September, 2009: Pesanta will be holding a harvest music gathering in the Sierra Nevada Foothills near Nevada City. This will be a retreat from modernity, featuring some fantastic artists within the ritual ambient, metal, and folk movements. I'll not be announcing these artists publicly for a few more months, but it will without question be a special event.

03 November 2008

3 Changes online

Changes - The Saddest Thing from Adam Torruella on Vimeo.

I know I know, it would seem that I am all talk in regards to releases.... But they are coming! Yule-time!
The above video as well as the video for the debut of "When the Sun Kings Reign Again" and the classic "Fire of Life" have been uploaded to my Vimeo page. These are taken from the forthcoming double-DVD release of the Changes show at Germ Books in Philadelphia this last midsummer. The DVDs shall consist of both sets from their show (expect to see some very special guests!!) as well as intimate interview footage with both Robert and Nicholas.

Also, I've upgraded to Vimeo Plus, so you can watch more videos in HD. Just go to my Vimeo page!

10 October 2008

Minor change on ƒ Consortium

I've given the site a face list, and basically stripped content.
The removed image galleries may be found on the right-hand column. Additionally, you may find other (newer?) images by selecting "photos" under the "Subjects" listing, or by visiting my Flickr account (and Vimeo for video)

Also, please visit my friends (formally links on The ƒ Consortium, now on the right hand side of this blog) as they are all wonderful people.

17 September 2008

Pesanta's site is up!

Pesanta's site is up and running!
Arnica and Wolfsblood split coming very soon!

15 August 2008

New look on the horizon

I'm in the process of redesigning the ƒ Consortium site. Still haven't gotten IdeaNode to implement SlideShow Pro (it's been months...), but none the less something fresh is coming. I'll be opting for an even simpler design for the main site, with links to other galleries posted here on my blog.

I hope within a month's time to have Pesanta's first release pressed. It will be the aforementioned split 10" featuring the Catalan group Arnica and Russian artist Wolfsblood.

This will be the premier release for Arnica, and it will be limited to 300.

I am also working on the Pesanta site (www.pesanta.com) and it should be up and running bare bones next week.

13 July 2008

Pesanta and video news

So my editing computer has been in out of service for two weeks now which is driving me absolutely mad seeing as I have so much work to get done.

Some news on forthcoming projects for Pesanta -
Pesanta will be releasing a split 10" vinyl for Arnica and Wolfsblood.
On a related note to this, if you click Arnica's link to their myspace page you can hear a track I recorded for them in Madrid.
Also, I've been in talks with the folks from the ritual black metal band Fauna [1|2] on the production of a full length DVD for them. This is a very exciting prospect for me as I believe they are truly a rare gem in the community. If you are familiar with their music or are lucky enough to own a copy of Rain or The Hunt I am sure that you can understand my excitement.

I would also like to thank Jane at Tesco USA again for her nice mention of me on the front page of the site.

25 June 2008

Changes - Thank you!

Last weekend was wonderfully busy. I'd like to thank everyone for their warm generosity and kindness, I only wish the weekend could have lasted longer, or at the very least that I had the energy to have headed back to the house for the mead and ritual Saturday night. I hope that we all shall cross paths again some day.

The video from the show is looking great, and with 5 hours of various interviews from the weekend, my workload is looking pretty intimidating in addition to the 200gigs of footage from Madrid! I'll be busy, that is for certain.

Robert and Nicholas, it was a pleasure to meet and speak with you both.
David, thank you for organizing this whole ordeal and allowing me to be part of it - also I you for the awesome books and music!
Scott, thank you for the interview! It was really a pleausre to speak with you in person.
Michael and Annabel, you were both so friendly and kind - I really look forward to our next meeting.
Jane, it was great to have finally met you - thank you for the encouraging words and the DVD!

It was indeed an unforgettable weekend, thank you to everyone involved!

(to view photos, click the image above)

16 June 2008

Update: Madrid le Blanc

A write up of the festival has been finished. Please head over to my personal blog to view it (meanvegan.blogspot.com). I also may be posting it to Heathen Harvest, if they allow me to do that.

All of the video footage is captured with the exception of one problematic hour captured to a CF card. That will soon be resolved, I hope. Over 150gigs of hard drive is now dedicated to the festival.

09 June 2008

Madrid le Blanc

(click the image to be taken to a gallery of photos from all three nights)

Thank you Jesús for making this whole shindig happen, my hat off to you for working tirelessly to pull of such a wonderful festival.

Andrew King and John Murphy for your conversations and interviewing with me on such short notice.

Many thanks to Simon Collins - I am so happy that we met. Dimo, Thomas, Gerhard, it's a pleasure as always. Marco, it was a joy talking with you, and I am sad that we could not have had more time together - stupid spanish payphones.
To the bands, thank you!
Arnica - You were, without a doubt the biggest and most welcomed surprise of the festival!

Also a big thanks to PortaBrace for making such a great hardcase! Without their case, those baggage handlers would have broken my camera 100 times over.

I will try to write more about the festival when I can - With this, as well as the footage from the Novemthree, A Minority of One, Waldteufel and Fauna show in Seattle, and the additional Bain Wolfkind footage, I have over 40 hours of footage to edit through.

06 May 2008

Bain Wolfkind cover art

New Bain Wolfkind album coming soon. 

Featuring that photo by, you guessed it, me. 


This may be the most excited I've been in a long while. I'll be filming Changes on June 21st in Philadelphia at David E. Williams' Germ Books.


I'm very grateful to Nicholas, Robert and David for providing me this opportunity. I cannot express how wonderful this really is.

Also a huge thank you to Scott Broderick  for making me aware of this show. It's going to be great!

21 April 2008

Coming soon

A fancy new version of  the site will be online (hopefully) by the end of the week!

New shiny plug-ins, for a new shiny site. More video content will be featured, and a slick new photo gallery.

Also, 2 days prior to heading to Madrid for the Madrid le Blanc festival, I'll be making up to Seattle for the Waldteufel, A Minority of One and Fauna show at the Northwest Folklife Festival. It's going to be an amazing evening full of surprises I've been assured. I can't give away too much, but one of the Rumors is that Markus Wolff will be doing readings with Fauna. I love Seattle. 

Because of server-side issues I have been unable to implement the aforementioned updates. That in mind, I still love IdeaNode. 

11 April 2008


With the coming of Madrid le Blanc on the horizon, I've news of a new division of The ƒ Consortium - Pesanta.
I will be releasing all media under the label of Pesanta, including DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records. There are a few tentative releases of really great live recordings, all of which will be limited to under 300. The Bain Wolfkind DVD, as well as the Madrid Le Blanc DVD/CD with both be available in larger circulation, as well as a small and extravagant limited run.
Website should be online, with news of these possible releases by the end of the month.

19 March 2008

ROME documentary

I'm nearly done with editing the first part of the ROME documentary which as is right now about 30 minutes long. Jerome and I in currently discussing the form and future that this piece shall take, more news as it comes. I'm also nearly done with editing a live video of Reversion which will find it's way to the internet very soon.

13 February 2008

Become a Sponsor, Madrid

As you might have guessed, travel and equipment is not cheap. I do what I do simply for the love of the music, not the money - obviously. If I were in journalism field for money, I'd have to be clinically insane.

Simply put, my love of journalism is becoming very taxing on my finances.

What I am asking is for sponsors for the upcoming Madrid le Blanc Festival.

What will you receive in return? Based on the response to this post, you would receive credit on the dvd (If you would like), a limited edition DVD and CDr of the festival in a personalized wooden box packaging, and 3 signed and numbered photo prints*

If you are interested in sponsorship - lets have a dialogue.

adam @ f-consortium . com

Thank you in advance,

*Currently the DVD/CDr is tentative, I would not accept any sponsorship until the DVD/CDr is officially confirmed.

Based upon the sponsorship price which has yet to be determined, the DVD box set will be limited to anywhere between 25 and 50 copies. Each sponsor shall receive a personally inscribed wooden box bearing an engraving commemorating the event. Each box will contain a personal thank you to all the sponsors, 3 (maybe more, to be determined) photos from the event, the DVD and a CDr of select songs recorded directly from the mix board. The CDr will only be available in this bundle.
This bundle will also be the same bundle that will be given to the artists and promoters. Truly a limited piece

10 February 2008


As mentioned on Bain Wolfkind's myspace blog(here) I shall be editing additional footage onto the upcoming dvd release, featuring live footage and intimate (.... maybe not the best word to use) interview footage and a photo slideshow. There were brief talks with Albin Julius of releasing it through HauRuck!, however the dvd needs to find itself in finished form before anything further can be worked out.

I hope to have news of a release date within the next two months.

Other news - Due to a very frustrating manufacture error, 3 out of 5 sets of my new years eve footage from Leipzig were rendered basically unusable. In conclusion - DO NOT BUY ZOOM AUDIO RECORDERS.

Madrid in may I hope. Die Weisse Rose, Andrew King, Foresta Di Ferro, KnifeLadder, Allerseelen, Svarrogh and other awesome acts (understatement). I'm really hoping everything works out for that, for it's going to be a satanically weekend!

If Madrid doesn't work out - or even if it does and I can get my planning spot on - I'll be headed to Seattle for a Waldteufel and A Minority of One show at the Northwest Folklife Festival.

15 January 2008

A Leipzig New Year's in Pictures.

Not very many photos for how long the evening was, however most of the night was spent shooting video. And when I say most of the night I mean nearly 6 tapes. That's quite a bit for one evening in my book. Images of Die Weisse Rose, Nebelung, ROME, Camerata Mediolanense, and Allerseelen.