30 December 2007

In Leipzig

I've arrived here in Leipzig. After missed flights, misplaced baggage and the usual airport insanity and chaos I'm happy to say that all is well for the most part.

Tomorrow evening is the New Year's event at Hellraiser which I mentioned previously. It's going to be an extremely busy day as I will begin shooting interviews around 9:30 in the morning and will be working basically non-stop until the evening is through.

Tuesday will be a day of relaxation before heading off to Berlin - the day will be spent between the St. Thomas Church/J.S. Bach Museum, the botanical garden, and the Naturkundemuseum.

04 December 2007

RFM Promo Video

Time lapse photography I edited as a promo piece for RF Maston.

(Sorry for the youtube linkage, my server is getting a big full)

30 November 2007

R.F. Maston images

Images from the R.F. Maston photo shoot.
Click here.

26 November 2007

Dear Priceline

Please let me enter in my discover card information. Your FAQ tells me that you accept it. I can enter it under my profile information. But why, why does the "buy tickets" forum offering me insanely low prices tells me differently, why does it not give me that option. Why don't you want my money?!

I want your low price. Give it to me. If you don't, I can't go to Leipzig.


24 November 2007

Stepping outside of the neo-folk photography for a moment.

Tomorrow I'll be doing some promotion photography for a friend of mine and genuinely swell musician, R.F. Maston (Myspace - Official Site). I shot some test shots today and they came out smashingly. I'm pretty excited!


I'm still looking for a place to stay in Leipzig
. I need space for two. If you can help, or know someone who can - please email me.

23 November 2007

Leipzig, unofficial update, and a pointless note

There is a good chance that I will be flying to Leipzig to film this show.
As of now it is unofficial, but I should know one way or another by the end of the week.

Camerata Mediolanense, Die Weisse Rose, ROME, Nebelung if you're interested in hearing them.

An unofficial update:
I've spoken briefly with Albin Julius about releasing the Bain Wolfkind DVD on HauRuck!, obviously this prospect is quite exciting to me - however any release is still very tentative and subject to whenever I actually finish the final product which I assure you I've been working pretty hard on.

An unrelated note:
Apparently I must be dumb, but whilst playing scrabble last night I found out that the word 'fjord' can also be spelled fiord. I don't know how I feel about that, sort of a cop out if you ask be, where's the scrabble dictionary. Not to mention that fiord managed to score the player 30 points, knocking my team into third place. Not that I'm a sore loser or anything.

01 November 2007

Bain Wolfkind live video

Here is a two song edit of the LA show. There is the idea of a limited edition DVD being released later on with more concert footage, interviews and images from the show.

The iTunes version of the video is presented in 640x380. It's quite nice and large. Enjoy!

Bain live in .mov 320x180 35.3mb
Bain live in .mp4 320x180 29.7mb
Bain live in iTunes .m4v 640x360 50.9mb

03 October 2007

Bain Wolfkind and C.O.T.A., L.A.

The images are up. Video should be up next week. I'm excited about the video from Bain's set in particular, it looks splendid.
Visit the image gallery

14 September 2007

In Gowan Ring and Birch Book

The In Gowan Ring/Birch Book video is currently online at Heathen Harvest.

16 August 2007

What's in a name

The ƒ Consortium? What does it mean? In what connotation does he use the ƒ? Isn't consortium mean association, partnership, union?

These are all questions I know have gone through one or two minds over the past year or so. I've been sort of dodging actually explaining in, in hopes that my original plans would just work out and all the pieces would fit nicely into place.

Basically the ƒ Consortium idea was hatched by me and a few of my friends from Brooks Institute of Photography. We wanted a place to host all of our work, a co-op gallery, a place to link us all together. My friends and I (when I lived near them, that is) did everything together, so why not create a website together?

I'm guilty of this as much as anyone else, but actually getting our work all on one server just never happened. We all tried, but nothing ever solidified.

Now, call it an improper use of the Latin word, I use the term to signify the partnership of the different facets of visual journalism I utilize - Photography, audio, film, post production of all and the hodgepodge of those wonderful "new media" toys that I love so dearly. As I said, technically it's not the proper use, but with the original idea in mind - it's a pretty slick sounding name.

The ƒ. Yes, this has baffled many of my non photog friends. The ƒ is in reference to the aperture of a lense. The ƒ-stops represent the amount of light being let through the lens and controls the depth of field. So no, the ƒ didn't stand for anything devious or sexy. Sorry.

So that's that.

Podcast and .mov of Markus Wolff

I've finally edited down the footage of Markus.
Live from the Somday Lounge in Portland, with interview footage.
Duration 07'33
Please visit Heathen Harvest to view the videos.

05 August 2007

In Gowan Ring and Markus Wolff images are up.

I've put up an edit of the images from last week.
The gallery isn't in flash this time due to massive multi-tasking trying to process video, audio and 500+ images not to mention my car broke down 40 miles from home. Ah, wonderful stress.
So once everything is edited I'll get things looking nice and bonny.

Click below for the image edit.

02 August 2007

In Gowan Ring/Birch Book & Waldteufel

So the video footage has not yet been edited, but I've downloaded the images and am listening to the audio recordings right now and they are golden.

Once I get home I will finish editing everything, but here is a small sample of what is to come as far as the live shows.

B'ee of In Gowan Ring and Birch Book

Markus of Waldteufel

Markus of Waldteufel

As I said, more coming soon.

24 July 2007

Travel Plans

August 1st I will be in Portland, OR., tentatively interviewing B'eirth of In Gowan Ring and Birch Book. The evening of the 1st I will be shooting video and photographing his show at the Someday Lounge.

August 3rd I will be in the Trinity Alps area interviewing Malakhi Thorn, creator of Heathen Harvest about the inspiration behind the webzine and his involvement and thoughts of the post-industrial culture.

Both of the interviews and the live footage/stills will be posted on my site, as well as featured on Heathen Harvest. The footage is also being compiled for a neofolk documentary I currently have in the works.

10 July 2007

Auburn Essay

One thing that I failed to mention on the site is my in progress travel essay on Auburn, where I currently reside.
That can be found by clicking below.

Fresh and new

Here's to another new version of the site. There might be a few kinks as I've not really had the time to stress test it, so if you run across anything buggy please email me and let me know.
I've also added a lot of images to the site, most of which have remained unpublished on the web until now.
If you're wondering why I decided on the pop-up galleries, or are bothered by my choice - I'll ask you to deal with it as pop-ups are only way I could create a clean, simple design in a time constraint of 12 hours.

Adam T