13 February 2008

Become a Sponsor, Madrid

As you might have guessed, travel and equipment is not cheap. I do what I do simply for the love of the music, not the money - obviously. If I were in journalism field for money, I'd have to be clinically insane.

Simply put, my love of journalism is becoming very taxing on my finances.

What I am asking is for sponsors for the upcoming Madrid le Blanc Festival.

What will you receive in return? Based on the response to this post, you would receive credit on the dvd (If you would like), a limited edition DVD and CDr of the festival in a personalized wooden box packaging, and 3 signed and numbered photo prints*

If you are interested in sponsorship - lets have a dialogue.

adam @ f-consortium . com

Thank you in advance,

*Currently the DVD/CDr is tentative, I would not accept any sponsorship until the DVD/CDr is officially confirmed.

Based upon the sponsorship price which has yet to be determined, the DVD box set will be limited to anywhere between 25 and 50 copies. Each sponsor shall receive a personally inscribed wooden box bearing an engraving commemorating the event. Each box will contain a personal thank you to all the sponsors, 3 (maybe more, to be determined) photos from the event, the DVD and a CDr of select songs recorded directly from the mix board. The CDr will only be available in this bundle.
This bundle will also be the same bundle that will be given to the artists and promoters. Truly a limited piece

10 February 2008


As mentioned on Bain Wolfkind's myspace blog(here) I shall be editing additional footage onto the upcoming dvd release, featuring live footage and intimate (.... maybe not the best word to use) interview footage and a photo slideshow. There were brief talks with Albin Julius of releasing it through HauRuck!, however the dvd needs to find itself in finished form before anything further can be worked out.

I hope to have news of a release date within the next two months.

Other news - Due to a very frustrating manufacture error, 3 out of 5 sets of my new years eve footage from Leipzig were rendered basically unusable. In conclusion - DO NOT BUY ZOOM AUDIO RECORDERS.

Madrid in may I hope. Die Weisse Rose, Andrew King, Foresta Di Ferro, KnifeLadder, Allerseelen, Svarrogh and other awesome acts (understatement). I'm really hoping everything works out for that, for it's going to be a satanically weekend!

If Madrid doesn't work out - or even if it does and I can get my planning spot on - I'll be headed to Seattle for a Waldteufel and A Minority of One show at the Northwest Folklife Festival.