30 December 2007

In Leipzig

I've arrived here in Leipzig. After missed flights, misplaced baggage and the usual airport insanity and chaos I'm happy to say that all is well for the most part.

Tomorrow evening is the New Year's event at Hellraiser which I mentioned previously. It's going to be an extremely busy day as I will begin shooting interviews around 9:30 in the morning and will be working basically non-stop until the evening is through.

Tuesday will be a day of relaxation before heading off to Berlin - the day will be spent between the St. Thomas Church/J.S. Bach Museum, the botanical garden, and the Naturkundemuseum.

04 December 2007

RFM Promo Video

Time lapse photography I edited as a promo piece for RF Maston.

(Sorry for the youtube linkage, my server is getting a big full)