15 December 2008

KnifeLadder, Arnica/Wolfsblood, and Changes news

I'll start with good news, touch on some not so great news, and then end with some more good news.

A short interview with John Murphy edited with some nice footage of KnifeLadder life at Madrid le Blanc has been posted at Heathen Harvest. I've not been as active on Heathen Harvest as I would like to be, as far as submissions are concerned which is mainly due to my increasing amount of "real world" responsibilities, however they have been very gracious with me in this situation and are still happy to feature my work, as sparse as it may be. Next edition they will post additional footage, most of which has been available on Vimeo for a while now, but it will no doubt reach a larger audience.

And now the not so great news. I had hoped to have both the Arnica/Wolfsblood 10", and the Changes DVD released by Yule. However this is looking more like a dream right now, so I've pushed back the release date to next month. The vinyl press I'm working with has been great, but the holiday seasons have set back production. The Changes DVD is simply a lack of available funding.

With that said, I'll end on something a little lighter.

Spire: The Twilight Language is only a few days away. The forth annual Cascadian winter solstice gathering is something that legends and oral traditions are made of. I am honored to be invited to chronicle the event and suggest that if you can, you attend this meeting of souls.

September, 2009: Pesanta will be holding a harvest music gathering in the Sierra Nevada Foothills near Nevada City. This will be a retreat from modernity, featuring some fantastic artists within the ritual ambient, metal, and folk movements. I'll not be announcing these artists publicly for a few more months, but it will without question be a special event.